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Vitamins and pills

Prescription and Emergency care

Emergency care 

Hauora Health operates a walk-in clinic daily from 9-5.30 (weekdays only) for acute accidents and emergencies.  Ideally if you are able, we appreciate a phone call first so we can free up some time, but that is not always possible.  We will see and treat anyone who needs help within the confines of our abilities.  If you need hospital care, we will ensure you get it.  We can deal with a lot within our building.  Most wounds (except very serious ones) can be dealt with in house and most of our clinical team can suture. Pacific Radiology is housed within the building if you need an x-ray.  If you are unwell and need intravenous therapy, we can provide that too.  Sometimes you will need observation for a few hours.  Apart from at the very end of the day, we can provide that in our three-bedded treatment room. 



Prescriptions for regular medication can be requested via MyIndici (patient portal), in person or by telephone. To ensure your medication is still right for you a regular review with your Dr is needed.  It is a legal requirement for prescription-only medicines for you to be seen by the GP at least once a year.  If you are on more than seven regular medications (not including creams or lotions) you may need to see the GP as regularly as every three months.  This is to ensure that your health is prioritised and your conditions are well-monitored.  Some of these consultations can be done by phone or video-link.  If you are on an oral contraceptive pill, you only need to see the GP once a year and see the nurse every 6 months in between for a blood pressure.  If you are on Depo-Provera, you only need to see the GP once a year and you can see the nurse for all other Depo-Provera appointments.  Please talk to the nurse if you would like more information about this. 

As a general rule, the timeframe on which we prefer to see patients according to this schedule below:  

Repeat prescriptions - guidelines for frequency of GP visits 

  • Hypertension – annual GP review if stable & BP every 6 months 

  • Depression & anxiety – 6 months if stable, 3 monthly whilst titrating medications 

  • Bipolar disorder, or patients on benzodiazepines/antipsychotics - every 3 months 

  • Any patient on controlled drugs: oxy meds, morphine, fentanyl – every 3 months 

  • Statins for raised cholesterol– annual review with lipids test 

  • Multiple comorbidities (4 or more chronic conditions)– every 3 months 

  • Depo-Provera – every 10-12 weeks with a nurse, annually with GP to review and re-prescribe 

  • Diabetes – annual funded diabetes review with a nurse, at least annual with GP, if HbA1c >65mmol/mol see GP or Nurse Manager every 6 months 

  • Cardiac conditions (previous heart attack, heart failure, cardiomyopathy, some arrhythmias, and some valvular disease) – 6 monthly as a minimum 

  • Asthma – annual GP review 

  • On Concerta/methylphenidate/Ritalin - 6 monthly, Specialist Authority is given by the pediatric department and the child needs to have attended within the authority date.  If this is not the case, please discuss with the GP or nurse 

  • Epilepsy – 6 monthly GP review 

  • On DMARDs (e.g. methotrexate/lefludamide/sulfasalazine/azathioprine) and biologics (e.g. Humira and Embrel) – 6 monthly review unless otherwise stated by GP.  

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