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Nurse Services

Practice Nurse Services 

Our highly skilled Practice Nurses provide a variety of services. We advocate for our patients and support them as much we can by open communication with the patient, family and whānau.  Our practice nurses work closely alongside our GPs are part of your clinical team.  There may be times, where it is more appropriate for you to see the nurse than the GP.  Our practice nurses are skilled autonomous practitioners in their own right.   


You can book in to see the nurse for a lifestyle consultation. This will include your observations, blood tests, pro-active screening, lifestyle, and medication advice. We can provide referrals to support services such as Dietitians, Te Piki Oranga, Social Worker, Diabetes and Heart Function Specialist Nurses and Green Prescription where appropriate. 


Both our nurses see patients for their annual diabetes reviews.  Sarah sees patients for more specialised intensive diabetes management such as stepped-up care with medications such as sulphonylureas, vildagliptin and insulin. 

Smoking Cessation 

Our GPs and nurses offer comprehensive smoking cessation support – if you are considering quitting give us a call and make an appointment to help get you started. 

Wound Care 

Everyone gets cuts and scrapes.  Some wounds seem to arrive all on their own.  Whatever you wound is, our nurses have the right treatment for you.  Our expert knowledge will guide you through the process of healing the wound and keeping healthy to maintain a good wound healing state.  If you have an accident, we are open to see you for this.  You won’t need to go to the hospital or MIC, even if it’s quite serious and needs stitches, we can do this for you.  If you need ongoing wound care over a period of weeks then we can refer you to District Nursing or ACC Nursing Services delivered via Nelson Nursing Service.   

Liquid Nitrogen 

Liquid nitrogen can be used for the removal of a number of lesions, unsightly blemishes and viral warts.  Please mention these to your GP, and once approved for Liquid Nitrogen, the nurses can freeze them off for you. 

Respiratory services 

If your GP has any concerns about your breathing, they may refer you to Sarah for a full respiratory assessment.  Sarah has advanced qualifications in asthma and COPD.  This is a service which was previously provided in the hospital but in the last few years has been delivered in primary care. 

Cervical Smears 

If you are aged 25-69, cervical screening is a vital component of looking after your health.  You will get phoned or texted every three years by the team to book in for your smear.  Sometimes, we will call you earlier based on the last result.  It is really important that you get your smear done.  We all know it’s the last thing anyone wants to do, but our clinical team is very experienced and good at making an uncomfortable procedure seem much better than we imagined.  We can also provide emergency contraception and sexual health checks. 


We offer vaccinations as per the New Zealand Immunisation Schedule. We also offer other immunisations, e.g. whooping cough vaccines for people who are welcoming new babies into their whānau.  If you have any questions about immunisation feel free to come and talk to us and we will happily answer your questions.  We are a pro-immunisation practice, we do however have families who don’t vaccinate.  That’s ok.  It’s everyone’s right to freedom of choice.  We will call you from time to time, especially when your child reaches another age milestone to check up on how they are, check developmental milestones, to see if you have any concerns and to chat to you about your decision to vaccinate.  You can change your mind at any time about immunisations, we are always happy to have these conversations

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