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GP Services

GP Appointments can be made for any health issues which may include medication reviews, chronic conditions including diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, respiratory problems like asthma and COPD, sexual health and contraception, as well as proactive medicine such as assessments into future risks for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, dementia and Alzheimer's.  The Hauora Health clinical team is made up of GPs Suzanne and Pete (Deborah joining us on August 21), Nurse Practitioners Emma and Fiona, and the Practice Nurses are Sarah, Paige, Emma, and Ilona.  They work together as a collaborative unit to provide excellent health care where you need it and when you need it.  Each clinician brings their own skills to the practice and at Hauora Health, we respect everyone’s skill-base, unique abilities, and mana.  There is no hierarchy at Hauora Health, we are a team.  You will just as easily find a GP asking the nurse for advice as to the other way round.  The clinical team has fortnightly clinical meetings to ensure we are up to date and utilise best-practice medicine.  You will find that we will reference pathways of health online, this isn’t because we don’t know something; there are local pathways that we need to follow to provide you with the best peer-reviewed healthcare. 

Mental health 

Mental wellness is as important as physical wellness to our health. At Hauora Health Centre we are interested in your mental health and will work with you to improve your quality of life. We have a credentialed mental health nurse on staff who can offer funded counseling sessions 

Occupational Health 

We provide Driver's license medicals and other NZ transport medicals, occupational health medicals such as Ambulance/Fire/Police/cadets as well as medicals for insurance purposes.


Driver’s License Medicals - Who must have a medical certificate? 

Some drivers must have a medical or eyesight certificate to apply for or renew a driver license or endorsement – drivers who are: 
•    applying for or renewing a heavy vehicle license (class 2,3,4,5) and have not provided a certificate within the last five years  
•    applying for or renewing endorsements for passengers (P), vehicle recovery services (V), driving instruction (I) or testing (O) and who’ve not provided a certificate within the last five years  
•    have a medical condition that may affect their ability to drive safely  
•     75 years old or more and applying for or renewing any license or endorsement  
•     have been asked to provide one. 

       The evidence we require is a medical or eyesight certificate: 

  •  Supplied by New Zealand registered health practitioner (optometrists, ophthalmologists, general practitioners, registered nurses, nurse practitioners, neurologists and occupational therapist driving assessors)  

  • ·        Not more than 60 days old. 

Skin Checks and Minor Surgery  

All of our GPs and NPs offer full skin cancer assessment, dermoscopy and perform minor surgery as required. The cost of minor procedures includes GP & nurse time, all consumables, suture removal and follow-up nurse wound care (1-2 consults expected).  We also provide long-acting contraceptive options such as Mirena, IUCD and Jadelle.  

Preventative Health, Lifestyle, and Nutrition 

We all know that many people struggle with weight and diabetes and obesity are arising in larger numbers every year.  Here at Hauora Health Centre, we are really keen to help people with this.  Many people with diabetes have seen their diabetic levels fall to near normal, which is fantastic.  Come in and talk to us about nutrition and lifestyle interventions.  We have a Dietitian who comes in for clinics once a month. 

Health Navigation 

We have an excellent Health Improvement Practitioner Emma Hamer from the PHO run two clinics a week where She can meet with you and have a kōrero about what supports there are for you within the health system, and elsewhere in the community. She can help you access various supports, advocate as needed, and help you come up with a plan to protect and enhance your well-being.

Travel Medicine 

All our GP's and Nurses are experienced in travel medicine.  If you are going overseas on holiday or work, we can help you.  Travel consultation is needed to assess where you’re going, what you’re doing whilst you are there, and what type of travel it is.  We have a form that you will need to complete prior to your consultation with the GP and nurse.  Please see the price list for services and vaccines.  Please note that we are not a yellow fever centre.   

Men's Health 

Men traditionally don't present to general practice as much as women.  However, we are very interested in men's health and in reducing any risks which may arise.  Age 40-50 is a good time to get a general health check-up, this will generally include your observations, a blood test, an ECG (an electrical reading of your heart), and checks for heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and prostate health. We are happy to discuss any issues that may arise. Some men feel more comfortable seeing a male GP for this, if so, please ask for Dr Pete.

Māori Health 

At Hauora Health Centre, we fully believe in the principles of Te Tiriti O Waitangi and constantly strive to express this through our work.  We want to work in partnership with all patients, especially urihaumate, to lessen the equity gap in healthcare.  We will uphold the three pillars of Te Tiriti o Waitangi in all that we do.  We will work in partnership with our Māori patients to improve their health outcomes.  We will encourage staff and patients to participate in their health and look at it proactively and will protect the rights of Māori as defined in Te Tiriti o Waitangi.  We understand the power of relationships and how by having a greater understanding and respect for Māori culture and prioritsize Māori investment in health promotion, their Waiora will improve.  We partner with Te Piki Oranga to provide breast screening and cervical screening on-site in a culturally respectful space.  Becs Clough is our Māori Health Champion. 

Refugee Services 

 Hauora Health Centre is a settlement practice for refugees coming to live in our region.  We pride ourselves on being a multi-cultural practice and in giving respect to all individual cultures.  We offer translation services via Interpreting New Zealand and have a staff member on a daily who is fluent in French and Spanish.  Due to the nature of refugee medicine, all consultations need to be booked as double consults and the interpreter pre-booked.  Please ask our staff about this.   

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