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New way of receiving your results - we want everyone to use the portal.  It's better for you and you can get your results when YOU want them.

We understand that it is sometimes hard to get a clear picture of what your results mean for you.  We receive lots of calls from anxious patients because the commentary on their blood tests is not easy to understand.  We are trialling a new system whereby the providers will use a number of standard key phrases which will let you know whether your blood result is normal or not and what to do.

Your results will be available on the portal once the provider has seen them and commented.  You should be able to understand their commentary and their plan should be clear, if this is unclear, please use the messaging option.  It is best not to phone the nurses for this unless there is something else you also need to discuss.  The provider will ask the nurses to call you if there is something about your tests that they want you to know. 

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