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We will ask you to wear a mask. If you have a mask exemption, we will ask you to make an exception for the duration of your consultation, but it is your choice not to.  If you decide not to, we will need to see you in the car park, ambulance bay or take you into a side room if you need a physical examination.  We have been advised by the College of General Practitioners to do this and to try to use phone or video calls where possible.  You will be asked these questions when you book an appointment.

We understand that this may be hard for some people, but we have a duty to provide a safe environment for our patients and staff.  Your care will not be affected, if you need a physical examination, you will have one.  The clinician may need to wear PPE if you are not double vaccinated.

Please also note that we can not provide mask or vaccine exemptions.  There are official channels to obtain these.

Mask Exemptions:

Disabled Persons' Assembly: 04 801 9100 /

Blind Citizens NZ: 0800 222 696 /

Deaf Aotearoa:

Vaccine exemptions: we are still awaiting local advice on this issue.  The initial guidance is that you may need to discuss this with your healthcare provider (GP/NP) first. They may need to document the reasons for exemption and pass this information on to the Minister of Health.

Nurse with Protective Mask
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